Counseling and Guidance Center



 Counseling and Guidance

Based on the framework of three-level mental health prevention services.

Details of the service:

    (1) Individual Counseling: Using one-on-one interview to help counselees to know themselves and to solve their problems in order to change and to progress. Besides counselors, there are also psychologists available to do the counseling when needed.

    (2) Promotion of mental health events: Host events such as mental health lectures, workshop , and group activities.

    (3) Psychological tests: To offer all kinds of testing about interests, personality, learning and so on.


Disabilities Resource Room

Our Center provides service for disabled students as below:


(1). Space and equipment in Disabilities Resource Room: Such as language learning machine, recording pen (for hearing-disabled students), picture books, DVD, and so on.

(2). Exam counseling: Assist in arranging examination rooms and methods in accordance with disabled students’ needs.

(3). Give disabled students a chance for a part-time job in the Center.

(4). Extra course counseling: Arrange faculty members to counsel students individually or in groups in accordance with students’ needs or special difficulty in study.

(5). Connecting: Assist disabled freshmen and graduates in adapting to campus life, further study and employment.

(6). Employment counseling: Assist graduating students in planning and preparing their employment in the future; assist other students to explore their career options and provide information related to further study.

(7). On-campus administration coordination: Coordinate with the relevant units to meet students’ special needs.

(8). Welfare resources: Announcement of latest events, scholarships, job opening for on- and off-campus part-time jobs, further study, employment, study aboard and latest social service information.

Disabilities Resource Room

In order to obtain a disability manuals school students as a target (various obstacles categories including visual impairment, hearing impairment, physical disabilities, emotional disorders, multiple disabilities, language barriers ... etc.), providing services and resources to assist students with disabilities to learn to get good at schoolwork , and enrich university life.

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