About Student Affairs Office

Student GuidanceDivision:
      This division has a staff of 10 including one Chief, four administrative clerks, and five dorm superintendents. The services of Student Guidance Division include counseling, morality education, campus safety, student loans and tuition fee deduction, scholarships and dorm management and some other services related to student life. 

Student Activity Divison & Center of Career Development office of student Affairs:

     The group has two main business directions, primarily in terms of student activities to promote community enterprise self-management, counseling associations with passion and love to hold creative activities , also attend off-campus services.In terms of employment, we hope students study enthusiasticallywork creatively, have hearts filled with love, nurture graduates in their workplace with diverse professional. 

Counseling and Guidance Center:
 Help students understand themselves, understand the environment, enhance self-Integration and accepted, to cultivate good of self-identity, and to promote students to face the problem, the ability to problem solve and team cooperation, hoping to establish harmonious interpersonal relationships and improve the positive outlook on life.

Health Guidance:
 Huafan Health Care Division provides not only health services to all students and staff but also a secure campus for them to study and work.

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